Nightlife Stulla: Mavado’s New Venture

October 1, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, Photos via KingstonStyle


Dancehall star Mavado stepped into a new role as nightlife mogul this week, launching the new weekly bashment Stulla Wednesdays at New Quad with sponsorship from Guinness and supa-selectors Arif Cooper and Tony Matterhorn on the set. The bash takes its name from his currently bubbling single “Stulla” on ZJ Chrome’s popular Smoke riddim (Listen over at Ghetto Palms) which in turn takes it’s name from Mavado’s freshly-minted slang term for a champion in the arena of sexual stamina.

The Smoke riddim, incidentally, is Chrome’s follow up to the Mad Collab beat that carried “Clarks”–by Mavado’s former nemesis Vybz Kartel–to anthem status. His new job as party promoter is close on Kartel’s heels too, since the self-styled teacha started hosting his Street Vybz Thursdays some hundred-odd steps around the corner at Asylum almost exactly one year ago. If the gully/gaza beef has been replaced with more gentlemanly challenges for market share, then maybe we can expect Mavado to give Vybz a run for his money in his other ventures–matching Daggering brand condoms with a Stulla energy tonic, for instance, or Street Vybz rum with Star Light whiskey (“It’s on the rrrocks!”).