Rockers Q&A: Sean Reveron Interview

September 29, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via Off The Hook


Yard couture is in the air this week, I guess, because no sooner did I stumble across the RepJA interview linked below than Montreal boutique Off The Hook posted an interview with Sean Reveron from our other, other favorite fashionistas Rockers NYC. The conversation dives deep, touching on Sean’s friendship with Tupac Shakur and Del Tha Funkee Homo Sapien, his Dad’s relationship with pro golfer Doug Sanders and his preferred theme song as a pro-wrestler. My favorite quote:

In the late 80’s, while I was attending UC Berkeley, I immersed myself in the Bay Area hip-hop community. I was down with Digital Underground crew, so I met Tupac through them, and ended up recording some tracks with him. He was mad fast…he was a one-take Jake! On a personal level, he was a cool dude…I have a great memory of Shock G, my homie Wicked J, Tupac and me in the practice room, and Shock starts playing ragtime riddims on the piano and we all started freestyling. He would come over with Del & Souls of Mischief and we would have mad blunts and forties and spit for hours. It was magic!

Good times, indeed. Look for their “New Day Rising” fall line in stores now and read the rest of the interview here.