How I Spent My Summer: Walshy Fire

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September 17, 2013

Words by Walshy Fireโ€”

Miami “Prime Minister” Walshy Fire has been down with LargeUp since day one, contributing to the site on topics ranging from Shinehead to Miami Carnival. We even broke the news that he joined Major Lazer right here on LargeUp last year. And nothing has changed now that he stays on the road year-round traveling the world with Major Lazer. Thanks to our talks and his Instagram, we knew he was having the summer of his life, so we asked him to share some of the highlights.ย 

Hey, this is Walshy Fire from the Major Lazer crew checking in with the LargeUp family. Maaan, this summer I realized Imma Mexico City Nopales con Michelada-overdosing, English Rabbit-eating, St Martin stripclub-hustling son of a bitch. I’ve kicked other DJs off our tour bus for shitting on it, blamed Jeremy Scott for the immigrant bridge from Jamaica to England I built with the amount of shoes he’s given me, and saw a girl at Burning Man pull tootsie rolls out of her vagina, after her friend reminded her she put them in there earlier. Greatest summer of my life. Here’s some of the highlights. Check it: