Rockers NYC x Medicine Agency

July 23, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Both as 1/2 of the street boutique Rockers NYC and as a working artist in his own right, our doops Marcus Burrowes is possibly the foremost practitioner of this Visual Culture thing we keep talking about. His vibrant attack on the graphic artsย  is something like Neville Garrick times Frank Kozik except you know, nowadays style. But do not take our word for it, check the exhibit of his solo work called “The Great Insurrection,” which is going up right now at the San Francisco gallery/creative agency/chemist’s shop called Medicine Agency. The grand opening takes place at 8pm tonight–that’s Pacific Standard Time so if you are in NY stop reading this and head to JFK now and you can still fly standby to the left coast in time to get there before the box-wine runs out. If you are in Jamaica, you might need your own personal Gulfstream fueled up and ready to go. Sorry dons, the Miami Vice speedboat is not going to cut it this time.