Ky-Mani Marley’s 27-City Tour for “Dear Dad” Book

Words by DJ Gravy


Those of us close to the Jamaican music industry had always heard rumors that one of Bob Marley’s sons, Ky-Mani, hadn’t had the privileged upbringing the rest of the Marley kids did–that he grew up in Florida going to public schools; no heir, no fortune.

Now, years later, Ky-Mani has come out with a book entitled, “Dear Dad”, the same name of his biggest hit (a letter he writes to Bob in song). He describes a less then ideal upbringing and claims that Rita Marley (Bob’s widow) denied inheritance moneys from Bob’s children he had with other women.

But, Ky-Mani says the co-writer of the book, Dr. Farrah Gray, added extra conflict and twisted Ky-Mani’s words around to add controversy (and book sales). Ky-Mani refused to do any promotion for the book until the necessary changes were made. While there is a good deal of confusion surrounding this matter, after months of sorting out issues, (including a changed subtitle) it seems they have sorted it out as Ky-Mani is currently touring, doing book signings and performances around the country. You can read Ky-Mani’s statement here.

This afternoon he will appear at a Barnes & Noble in Harlem as part of his 27 city tour, hopefully he can personally shed light on the debate and ultimately honor his father’s tremendous legacy.