Infallible: Tanya Stephens FREE LP download

April 28, 2010

words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Do remember: you heard it here first that Tanya Stephens was returning to the reggae arena with a new LP–and now you can download Infallible in it’s entirety FREE!

Did we say Tanya was the classiest female in dancehall? The truth is she may be the classiest deejay of either gender to ever command a mic. This new project builds on her singer-songwriter credentials and although it may mine too deep into the adult contemporary vein for some of her hardcore dancehall fans, scandalous tracks like “Love at First Grind,” “Siddung Pon it” and most especially “Turn It Up” demonstrate clearly that she still knows her way around the other kind of adult material. But throwback Tanya and new Tanya actually come together best on cuts like “Illusion” and “Try Me”–straight power ballads worthy of the Top Gun soundtrack that still showcase her unmatchable flow.

Download Infallible here and look for more Tanya exclusives on Large Up soon!