Toppa Top 10: Caribbean Supermodels

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April 23, 2010

1. Naomi Campbell (Jamaica)

Technically, Ms. Campbell was born in the UK to parents of Afro-Jamaican and Chinese Jamaican descent, respectively. But we’ll be DAMNED if we let those pasty-faces claim our gal, arguably the most superpower supermodel of them all; more statuesque, more diva-ish, more regal than the other 5 of the “Big Six” (who dominated the industry at the height of the supermodel phenomenon) combined. She got engaged to the bassist from U2 but no mere musician could ever hope to be half the rockstar she is; singlehandedly integrating the eurocentric fashion world of the early 90s, popping up in Madonna and George Michael videos, raising millions of dollars for charity and accepting uncut diamonds from African dictators in the middle of the night. She’s not the one to test–and lest we forget, she literally punched a paparazzo while we were filing this story!