Toppa Top 10: Caribbean Supermodels

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April 23, 2010

3. Grace Jones (Jamaica)


Jones is first and foremost a style icon, and her successful modeling career was the gateway drug that lead her into her career as a permanent celebrity. Along the way she has lead several lifetimes worth of interesting lives; voicing Sly & Robbie riddims for Island records, acting as art-world muse to Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, taking a turn as a Bond girl (or was it Bond villain?) squaring off with Eddie Murphy in Boomerang (apparently it is a natural law that a reference to either Eddie Murphy or Shabba Ranks must surface in every Top 10. Or James Bond. Or all 3.)–and biting Adam Ant’s face in Honda scooter ads. We could go on all day about this woman and her game-changing effect on the worlds of fashion, art, film and music. And someday we probably will, but for now we’ll just leave it with this: Never change, Jonesy, never change.