Matzah For I

April 1, 2010

Words by Martei Korley


Synagogue in Bridgeport, Barbados.

We at Large Up are by no means the first to recognize the feast of the Passover. However, we definitely wanted to do so, LU-style, with a selection of some poignant ear candy..

First up is The Congo’s Lee Perry Produced “Feast of the Passover”; a classic in it’s own right.

Bob Marley & the Wailers made a big statementย  with “Exodus”, The Time Magazine Album of the Century. In this video they are performing the title track at London’s famed Lyceum Palace. This รผber-performance, featuring Brother Bob as Minister, is so tight it would have done James Brown proud. The synergy between artist and musicians make the word “swing” take on a whole new meaning. It is a bit ironic that such a powerful expression of Rastafari should become common fare; but the song is truly expertly written, and could easily fit in to the Seder table soundtrack! (Rendition anyone?! Just joking, please don’t!)

Toots and the Maytals scored a local hit with their revival-tinged ska track “Six and Seven Book of Moses”. Mixing dance crazy and religion became common place in Caribbean pop music way before Elephant Man..

David Gould weighs in with “Four Questions”, a serious helping of roots for his Seder plate.

Sound Dimension’s “Holy Moses” is a stellar understated Rocksteady instrumental, Tommy McCook seems to part the waters with his sax..

Peter Tosh remembers all the prophets in “Moses The Prophet”

We could go on… But there’s always next year! by