Large Up exclusive: Tanya Stephens Returns!

February 5, 2010

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, photo by Martei Korley

Tanya Stephens is unquestionably the classiest female in the game, even if she has barely been in the dancehall game for the last few years. But Large Up has just learned from the homie Andre Gordon that Tanya is coming out of early retirement with a soon to buss LP called Infallible. The first single is called “Siddung Pon It. There’s no production credit but the track has an RnB-ish, post-Stephen McGregor feel while the vocal is pure slackness. Seems like she decided to show Vybz and company how you run a romping shop but anyway it’s nice to hear Tanya chatting again in a true dancehall style although she definitely hasn’t lost her singer/songwriter chops. Download it here and judge for yourself: