Nov 27, 2014
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Posts tagged: What is reggae

LargeUp Interview: Chatting Nirvana with Little Roy

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Steve Gullick—

Little Roy has a soothing manner of speaking that makes one feel as if you’ve been sitting on his porch reasoning all night—even when you’re speaking with him by phone from across the Atlantic for a few minutes in the morning. A pioneering reggae artist who cut his first single at Studio One with Jackie Mittoo at the age of 12, Roy is perhaps best known for “Bongo Nyah,” the first reggae hit to introduce the soon-to-be-ubiquitous themes of Rastafarianism. More than four decades later, Roy is enjoying a new wave of attention and recognition thanks to Battle for Seattle, a 2011 album of Nirvana covers produced by Prince Fatty (known for his work with Mutant Hi-Fi and Hollie Cook).

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Mixtape Mondays: Federation Sound, The Large, Kalibandulu

Words by DJ Theory—

This week I find myself in Austin, TX for the SXSW festival. Having a more than decent time already down here, I’m looking forward to DJing a healthy amount of parties, connecting with that dude Jesse Serwer, and eating my weight in tacos, which I’m well on my way to doing already. As always Mixtape Mondays can’t stop, won’t stop, and this week we got some new dancehall bizness from Italy, some funky, bashy vibez from London, and pure and excessive dublate murderation from the dons of stateside dancehall, Federation Sound. Let these three mixes work their magic and get your mind, iPod and week right…

Federation Sound, Dub Box Vol 2: HAUL AND PULL UP. Our NYC/Philly/JA fam and dancehall rulers Federation just laced the world with another free peek into their highly destructive crates of acetates and exclusives. The first volume of this CD was on steady repeat when I got it maybe five years ago, and I’m sure this one will have the same effect. This is definitely a unique mixtape, taking soundkilling dubs from the clash setting to the studio-mixed CD format (and of course blended in fine style from the man like Kenny Meez.) If you’re a reggae enthusiast you would only be shortchanging yourself not to download this right now and play it loudly. Idiot soundbwoys beware, this one might build yuh casket… Direct download the single track here, tracked mp3’s here

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Lunch Money, “Jah Army Remix” Video

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Rapper Lunch Money has been a known presence in Miami for years, working with people like Ace Hood and doing much ghostwriting behind the scenes, and recently he’s started to gain some national attention as well. Back in November, the son of Inner Circle bassist Ian Lewis hopped on Stephen Marley’s “Jah Army,” lapsing into patois, licking off shots and toasting to Buju and Mr. Isaacs. If his uber-laidback flow doesn’t have you on board with his upcoming F.O.O.D. mixtape, absorb the evocative video, with its “Bam Bam”-soundtracked visit to the patty shop. In the meantime, download his Munchies mixtape from 2010 over at The 305.

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Island Exchange: Mr. Vegas Soca Remixes from St. Lucia

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Dancehall artists doing soca is such a mixed bag. Sure, Beenie Man and Busy Signal seem to kill every soca rhythm they touch but there’s only a handful of other Jamaican deejays who’ve had any success with the style in recent years. Put Mr. Vegas in that category—if not for his straight up soca tunes (though this one is kind of dope) than the brilliant dancehall meets soca vibes of “Tek Weh Yuself.” Now, 758 out of St. Lucia have taken two of Vegas’ latest dancehall tunes,“Bruk it Down” and “Beautiful Life,” bruk them down and given them beautiful new, Groovy-tempo life. Stream them both below.

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Boom Wa Dis: Burro Banton Returns

Words by Jesse Serwer—

One of the most underrated deejays of the ’80s and ’90s and even 2000s, Burro Banton hasn’t made too many music videos but you can count on the ones he does make to be quite memorable. His latest collaborative effort with his longtime label home/producers Massive B, “Gangster Paradise” is no exception, equally solid both musically and visually. Perhaps the most notable feature of the gritty clip is the sight of the typically stoic Burro—maybe aggravated is a better way to describe his presence—getting loose with his feet. According to the Massive B YouTube page, “Gangster Paradise” will be on a Burro Banton Greatest Hits disc due out this month. Boom wa dis!

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European Union: Alborosie Remixes Amy Winehouse

Words by Jesse Serwer, via Salaam Remi

“Halftime” was a favorite on Lioness, the posthumous, Amy Winehouse odds-and-ends album that turned up late last year. (Not to take anything away from her great reggae version of “Our Day Will Come” or anything). Produced by longtime collaborator Salaam Remi, “Halftime” had more of a ’70s soul feel than we’d ever heard from the typically ’60s-oriented Amy, and it worked. There’s always room for improvement, or at least another take on things, though. So it is that Italian reggae artist Alborosie has gone ahead and put yet another spin on “Halftime,” reworking the tune in a reggae style. Salaam approves, and so do we. Stream and download below.

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