Mixtape Mondays: Tons Of Nada, Safari Sound, DJ Robbie x Bob Marley

February 6, 2012

Words by DJ Theory—

I’m gonna leave the Super Bowl business alone today (not just because I’m from New England…) because we have much more relevant matters at hand over here—mainly Mixtape Mondays and a birthday celebration for someone you and I both know and love. So let’s forget about LMFAO’s guest appearance at halftime last night and move right into some quality mixes from Brazil, Sweden and even Oklahoma. See, I’m starting to forget about the game already…

Tons Of Nada, Everybody Loves Reggae: Brazil-based Tons Of Nada have compiled a unique new mixtape brimming with surprises, and a theme that we can very much attest to here at LargeUp. Leaving the subtleties at the door, the mix connects the dots and common influence between a very wide range of artists, reminding us once again that everybody loves reggae. With this project, as well on their website, Tons Of Nada take joy in pointing out how artists like the Rolling Stones, New Order, PJ Harvey, The Orb, Joe Jackson, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Frank Zappa and many more musicians from backgrounds all over the map share this same belief, and make a clear nod to reggae music in some of their tunes. They even went ahead and gave a description for each song on the mix, explaining in their own words how each of these artists love reggae. If you don’t happen to speak Portuguese, hit the translate button on your browser and check the science for full effect. Stream and download below, and get the tracklist here.

Tons of Nada – everybody loves reggae by Tons of Nada

Safari Sound, 2012, Something Big is Gonna Happen…: What more can we say about Safari Sound? The Swedish mixtape machines graced the roster on a handful of MM posts in 2011, so it’s no shocker that they came out swinging for the bleachers in 2012 with big new goals and a big new mix to set the tone. This one is a rub-a-dub, roots-and-culture, one-drop kinda thing, with madd new singles and riddims and a few choice picks from late ’11. Leading off with a wicked special of The Professor and Protoje’s rub-a-dub style single “Skanking & Rocking,” Safari do what they do best from there, sharing 51 additional bits of healthy reggae music just for you. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Safari keeps shining all year long… Stream and download below, get the tracklist here.

SAFARi SOUND – 2012, SOMETHiNG BiG iS GONNA HAPPEN… by safarisound

DJ Robbie, King Bob Nesta Marley Birthday Vibez: As you may be aware, today would have marked the 67th bornday of the honorable Robert “Bob” Nesta Marley. There’s not a whole lot we can say about this man that isn’t already felt worldwide, and his legacy will no doubt continue to influence many more generations forward. From the daycare to the rest home and the frat house to the jailhouse, Marley’s music has touched millions, and it’s only right that we include some Birthday Vibez this week to honor the legend. This particular mix comes courtesy of DJ Robbie, repping Oklahoma City (like we said, his music is felt everywhere.) Stream, download and get the tracklist here.