Nov 23, 2014
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Posts tagged: Pat McKay

Throwback Thursdays: Tiger feat. Q-Tip, “Who Planned It”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Ghetto Muzik was a video show that aired in New York City in the mid ’90s. Along with Ralph McDaniels’ Video Music Box, it had the distinction of being one of the first and only US video programs to regularly feature dancehall music. Somebody recently added an entire episode’s worth of footage from it, and ‘God bless ‘em. This particular episode features WBLS Reggae House Party host and current Sirius XM radio personality/program director Pat McKay (with help from Bobby Konders and Tim Westwood) filling in for regular host Marcia Davis, and the playlist is just sick: Red Fox’s “Born Again Black Man,” Louie Rankin and Black Uhuru’s “One Love,” “Just Because I Am Poor” by HR of the Bad Brains, “Wild Wild Life” by Wailing Souls, George Clinton’s cameo-heavy “Paint the White House Black.” What?

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LargeUp TV: Jimmy Cliff at Miss Lily’s Variety, Pt. 2

Words by Jesse Serwer:::Photo by Kevin Ornelas:::Video by Martei Korley and Kevin Ornelas

In the second in our series of clips from Jimmy Cliff’s performance inaugurating the “Radio Lily” series at Miss Lily’s Variety in New York City (watch him perform “Many Rivers to Cross” here and read about the whole thing here), Mr. Harder they Come plays “Wonderful World, Beautiful People” right into another classic in “You Can Get It If You Really Want.” Though a plus in every other respect, here the intimate setting proves to be hazardous when Jimmy dislodges the mic as he starts to play the latter. The consummate professional, he shouts “wheel and come again,” and drops in right where he left off.  Wonderful world, indeed.

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LargeUp TV: Jimmy Cliff at Miss Lily’s Variety

Words by Jesse Serwer:::Photo by Kevin Ornelas:::Video by Martei Korley and Kevin Ornelas

Jimmy Cliff and Salman Rushdie at Miss Lily's Variety

As we informed you earlier this week, our favorite downtown restaurant Miss Lily’s held a little party Monday night to celebrate the launch of its new, next-door takeout spot/juice bar/art gallery Miss Lily’s Variety. Inaugurating the space in proper fashion, Jimmy Cliff performed an intimate, Storytellers-like acoustic show, hosted by radio personality Pat McKay (and broadcast over her Sirius Satellie Radio show) and attended by names like Salman Rushdie (Harder They Come meets Satanic Verses Inna Miss Lily’s!) Read our recap for the story behind the story, and click below to watch Jimmy perform his seminal 1969 gospel, “Many Rivers to Cross.”

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Wonderful World, Beautiful People: Jimmy Cliff Inaugurates Miss Lily’s Variety

Words by DJ Gravy, Photos by Kevin Ornelas

New York always has a million things happening on any given night but when you get invited to see a real-life legend like singer/ actor/Jamaican icon Jimmy Cliff in an intimate setting, you don’t have to think much about schedule conflicts, you make a point to be there. Now add to that the fact that this private event was held at the soon-to-open Miss Lily’s Variety, a boutique slash juice bar and takeout shop located right next door to the popular downtown Manhattan restaurant.

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