Apr 24, 2014
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Posts tagged: Haiti

SHORT FOLIO: Rayon Richards

Photos by Rayon Richards—


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Sak Kafe: Haiti’s Kafe Kreyol is the Best Coffee You Never Tasted

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Chances are, if you have never been to Haiti, you have never tried Haitian coffee. Unlike other coffee-producing regions such as Colombia, Jamaica and Indonesia, coffee growers in Haiti produce mainly for domestic consumption, not export. Though Haiti was the world’s largest coffee producer (in the late 1700s, when Haiti was the most profitable colony on the planet, it was responsible for something like half of the world’s coffee) making its coffee growers, by and large, never modernized their plantations to accommodate mass production. While this means less cash has trickled into the Haitian economy through the profitable industry (all of Haiti’s coffer is Arabaica, the high-quality bean used in gourmet coffees), the silver lining is that coffee from Haiti may be the most authentic in the world. “We kept the original tipica tree,” Douglas Wiener, the fourth-generation grower behind popular brand Cafe Selecto, said in this video interview. “When you drink coffee from Haiti, it’s like drinking coffee from 200 years ago.”

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You Rate It: Wyclef Jean’s “Bagay Nef”

Words by Jesse Serwer—


“Bagay Nef,” an early leak off of Wyclef‘s upcoming The Carnival Returns mixtape, might be the most creative tune the Refugee Camp leader has given us in years. Delivered in kreyol, the track features an blend of uptempo kompa, trap/EDM beats and even some dancehall vibes, with vocal delivery that reminds us of one Vybz Kartel. Clef intermittenly namedrops “Dubstep,” so we guess that’s supposed to be in there too, though we don’t hear it.

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‘Money’ Move: Watch Future Soul Diva Tecla’s New Jamaica-Set Video

Words by Tasha Brown—

You may be tempted to put Italian-Haitian New Yorker Tecla in a box, associate her with a specific genre, or even call her a Caribbean version of M.I.A. But you’ll need to stop while you’re ahead, because she doesn’t want to be defined – she’s way too talented for just one box or label.

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Friday Night Fetes: Big Night in Little Haiti

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Luis Olazabal


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Toppa Top 10: The Best Caribbean Beers

Words by Steve Bennett/Uncommon Caribbean, Photos Courtesy Steve Bennett/SBPR—
Stag Beer

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