Nov 26, 2014
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Posts tagged: Diplo

The Next Episode: Snoop Lion Live Stream x “La La La” Vinyl

Words by Jesse Serwer—

As you may have heard, Snoop Dogg has been undergoing a transformation into Snoop Lion, trading in his “Gin and Juice” for some rum and Ting. If you’re confused as to what this is all about, we hear Snoop is getting ready to illuminate things at a special announcement/press conference at Miss Lily’s set to start at 5p.m. ET. In fact, you can click on the YouTube embed below, to watch the live stream below.

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From Dogg to Lion: Snoop x Major Lazer = “La La La”

Words by Jesse Serwer—


The Snoop x Diplo/Major Lazer x reggae project we’ve been hearing about—and which we now know to be called Snoop Lion—has born its first fruits: “La La La,” a reworking of Ken Boothe’s mournful, masterful dirge “Artibella.” And wait—that’s our girl Jovi Rockwell coming through with the supporting vocals. Diplo’s actually used the Artibella riddim before, for the Major Lazer x La Roux Lazerproof mixtape but “La La La” is definitely a different feel, subtly nodding to G-Funk with its spoon sound effects. We could have used a little more lyrical meat from Snoop, but the important thing is the vibe nice. Whatever your views on this unlikely teamup, “La La La” is definitely going to pique your curiosity for more Snoop Lion.

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Back to Bass: Watch No Doubt’s Jamaican Street Dance-Inspired “Settle Down” Video

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Ashley Andrea Beliveau—

Music video premieres rarely achieve event status anymore but the unveiling of a new No Doubt video—their first in 10 years—is definitely a big deal. Apparently, half-hour, Ryan Seacrest-hosted E Channel special big. For those of us more curious about how much Jamaican flavor the Lady Saw/Bounty Killer collaborators will squeeze onto their upcoming, Major Lazer-produced Push and Shove LP than what Gwen will be singing about, the dubby “Settle Down” definitely offers an idea, though not nearly as much as the street dance-inspired video they’ve just premiered. The clip sees each of the band’s members driving personalized big rigs (guitarist Tom Dumont’s boasts a massive mobile sound system setup) before convening in a sort of family reunion that quickly turns into a vaguely Passa Passa-esque street party. Authentic yard vibes? Hardly. But a worthy sequel to “Underneath it All”? Perhaps.

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LA’s Story: LA Lewis + Sani Showbizz Conquer the Conceptual Art World

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Jamaican deejay enigma LA Lewis recently re-emerged with a new website, a new sidekick manager in Prince Zimboo alter ego ’80s-style skat chatter/former Rolling Stones tourmate Sani Showbizz, and a new focus. He’s embracing the role of conceptual artist, becoming “Jamaica’s Damien Hirst,” we learn over a new video series documenting his evolution. “I been doing some research over the past few couple months,” he tells us while chiseling a sink fixture in one such clip, “and everything that LA Lewis have done, or touched, or have been said…is art!”

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Moombah-Caan: Major Lazer Remixes Popcaan’s “Party Shot”

Words by DJ Theory—

Chaaa, this Monday just became extra large thanks to this brand new remix from the Major Lazer camp.  The “other raving king” Diplo has his paws on more than a few projects in the Caribbean department, and today that equaled lacing the world with a free remix like this Moombahton flip of arguably the biggest name in dancehall at the moment— Popcaan. With some big help and signature style from LA moombahton man ETC!ETC!, this is a welcome example of where the genre can open its horizons and incorporate more of its Caribbean roots. Popcaan’s “Party Shot” is a major tune, and, now that it’s got the Lazer treatment, will no doubt find it’s way into many hands that may not have been hip to, dare I say, the new world boss… Make sure you cop this one for summer, quick quick quick quick quick! Download and stream below:

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Happy Days: South Rakkas Crew Return with the Chachi Riddim

Words by Jesse Serwer, via Mad Decent

With Major Lazer’s sophomore LP on the horizon, the Mad Decent collective seems to be getting back into island mode. The label just dropped the reggae-influenced Badman Rave EP from “Original Don” producers Party Squad last week, and now they’ve put us on to this brand-new release from a resurgent South Rakkas Crew (a/k/a D Rakkas), of Chinkuzi riddim fame.

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