Major Lazer’s Diplo and Skerrit featured in new Blackberry Commercial

September 30, 2010

Words by DJ Gravy

While Diplo was known as one of the most influential DJs a few years back, the success of his Reggae / Dancehall / Electro hybrid project, Major Lazer, has definitely put him and its members, co-producer Switch and frontman / acrobat Skerrit Bwoy on to a next level in terms of music, pop culture, and now major marketing powers.


Diplo & Skerrit Bwoy

This brand new ad just started airing on TV and it is proof that tapping into the Caribbean music and lifestyle arena is powerful beyond the understanding of most people, marketing execs included. We at Largeup have predicted this from a while back.

In January, 2009, I personally brought Skerrit to meet Diplo to help create the Major Lazer group, and while I knew it was a powerful merge, I’m still blown away at how incredibly powerful it is to bring these two radically different people together from opposite ends of the game, and watch them devour everyone across the broad spectrum that lives in between them.