Nov 01, 2014
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Posts tagged: Damian Marley

Rub a Dubstep: Damian Marley and Skrillex “Make It Bun Dem”

Words by Jesse Serwer and DJ Gravy—

We were a bit surprised when we first came across Skrillex and Damian Marley’s “Make It Bun Dem,” in its original form under the name “Rudeboy Bass,” earlier this year. While dubstep has obvious roots in dub music, and producers such as Rusko were making reggae-influenced dubstep early on, as the music has progressed from an underground London phenomenon to the soundtrack of fuzzy boot-wearing teenyboppers, this connection has been obscured. And no one’s done more to turn dubstep into the new soundtrack for the Hot Topic set (and a genre worthy of recognition by the Grammys) than Skrillex.

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Mixtape Mondays: Spyda the DJ, Stone Love, DJ Maya

Words by Jesse Serwer—

The man DJ Theory is sidelined with some symptoms of late winter-itis (look out for him to make a full recovery in time for his gigs at South by Southwest next week, though) this week but no worries—like the Postal Service, Mixtape Mondays delivers in rain, hail and snow.

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Ital Snoop: Snoop Dogg’s Top 10 Jamaican Moments

Words by Jesse Serwer—

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Toppa Top 10: The Year’s Best Dancehall Singles

Words by Jesse Serwer, DJ Theory and Emily Shapiro

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Afro-Caribbean: Distant Relatives + Marleys in the Kalahari?

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

This week the Discovery Channel unveiled Marley Africa Road Trip, a new six-part travelogue following Marley brothers Ziggy, Rohan and Robbie (you haven’t heard of him but he may be the best part of the show. He’s a ninja.) as they tooled around the bright continent–specifically South Africa–on motorcycles last summer. Though we don’t know how it ends (the first installment aired this Wednesday, Nov. 2nd) the epic road trip appears to culminate in a free concert in the black township of Soweto, the birthplace in many ways of South Africa’s anti-Apartheid struggle, which finds elder brother Ziggy collaborating with local township musicians and reflecting on the formative experience of attending the infamous Zimbabwe Independence concert his father Bob played in 1980. The pics and trailer (below) which depict the brothers cruising across the grasslands behind free-roaming giraffes recall the lyric Lauryn Hill–the mother of Rohan’s children–rapped on “Fugee-La”: “Eatin calamari in the Kalahari / with a band of Rastafari.” Or as it’s known in the Marley household: Sunday brunch.

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Revelation 20:10: Raheem DeVaughn x Damian Marley

Words By Nico Simino

Singer extraordinaire Raheem DeVaughn has just dropped a new Mixtape titled Freedom Fighter, which takes on the #OccupyWallStreet movement/moment (hear it in it’s entirety over at Okayplayer). The tape features guest appearances from all sorts of artists like:  Bun B, Jill Scott, Bilal, Anthony Hamilton, Algebra, Chrisette Michele, Ledisi, Citizen Cope, Dwele, Chico DeBarge and Rudy Currence. But the feature that we keep talking about about is the Damian Marley feature titled “Revelation 20:10″. This track was featured on DeVaughn’s 2010 album The Love & War Masterpeace, but judging from what has been happening across the world with the current #OccupyWallStreet movements, it sounds like it was made for 2011. The track features the much used “Look of Love” sample by Issac Hayes and the heavy patois-laden background vocals the younger Marley has become known for on guest spots. Even with a rehashed mixtape beat this is a must listen for Marley and DeVaughn fans alike.


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