Nov 26, 2014
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Posts tagged: Cutty Ranks

Send Fi Di Hacksaw: Green Lantern + Craze Combine on “Rocket Launcher”

Words by Deejay Theory —


Lawdamercy… Blasting off today courtesy of Miami don DJ Craze and the folks at his Slow Roast Records camp, we have this badman collab with heavyweight hip-hop don Green Lantern flipping an assortment of different sound killing techniques that are murdering the dance right now. On the first hand you have the obvious samples of Cutty Ranks’ classics “Wait de Man” and “Limb by Limb” all nicely chopped up, from the dem bow drum breaks to the iconic vocals. Add some punishing 808 bass, steady hand claps and moombahton-esque synth stabs, and you have a big bumboclaat bomb to drop on an unsuspecting dancefloor.

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DOWNLOAD: JayCeeOh x Steve1der “Til A Boy Get Kill”

Words by Deejay Theory—

artworks-000051514335-t7hcal-originalMurder alert!

Huge new trap-meets dancehall killer from the homie Jayceeoh (who was recently crowned champion of VH1’s Master of The Mix) ‘longside fellow Los Angeles rude boy Steve1der. Credited on the tune as well is B-Sides, who had a hand in the production of this equally dangerous Mavado and French Montana remix. For this round, they aimed for total destruction and flipped a pitched down Cutty Ranks sample, which they paired with murderous 808 kicks, and huge synth leads and snares. You’ll definitely be ready to hack a couple limbs off an unsuspecting dancefloor with this one. Stream and download below.

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Bashment Bowl: Watch Beyonce Dutty Wine at the Super Bowl

Words by Emily Shapiro—


Let’s skip all the chit-chat and cut right to the point. Beyonce straight murdered the Superbowl Halftime show and us dancehall fanatics were super hype over the reggae influence and sick bad dance break in the middle of the show. Not only did Beyonce hit us with a fresh version of “Baby Boy,” her bashment style collab with Sean Paul, she sampled Cutty Ranks and bussed a full-fledged “Dutty Wine” alongside some smoking hot dancers.

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Audio: Cutty Ranks “Blood Stain” (Kush Arora remix) LargeUp Exclusive

Words by DJ Theory—

Boom bahng! Big new Cutty Ranks remix from our dude Kush Arora, the man responsible for such LargeUp remix favorites as this gem. The original gunman Cutty took a new approach with his last full length Full Blast, swapping out the slackness and dancehall which he practically helped invent for a bag of mostly one drop and culture. With features from Luciano and Beres Hammond, the record delivered a quality listen for reggae fans and helped keep a 20+ year veteran relevant today. Kush now moved his conscious roots tune “Blood Stain” into tomorrowplacing his signature “dread bass” touch all over it and letting things take a deep breath so Cutty’s lyrics could shine. Stay thru the outro for full effect and tell me you couldn’t hear a dozen deejays who would murder this riddim.

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LargeUp TV: Limb by Limb with Toppa Top Cat

Toppa Top Cat

Though harmless, the croaking lizard is one of the most despised and feared creatures in all of Jamaica.  It’s ability to sneak into houses and elude capture is the source of endless consternation for Jamaican homeowners, even though the insectivore’s dietary preferences help cut down on household bugs. More than the droppings it leaves, or it’s uncanny ability to stick to walls, it’s the croaking sound that the lizard makes at night—the source of endless bouts of insomnia—that really gets yardies riled up.

One Jamaican with no fear of the croaking lizard is our friend Stew Cat, a/k/a Toppa Top Cat (seen above with his friend, Eek A. Mouse). Watch what happens when one unlucky gecko wanders into Stew’s personal space while he is listening to “Limb by Limb” by Cutty Ranks. Instinct kicks in and Stew has no choice but to cut the lizard down—you guessed it—limb by limb.

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Audio: Cutty Ranks x Beres Hammond, “Way to Go”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

One of our all-time favorite deejays, Cutty Ranks, dropped his first full-length since forever this week, called Full Blast. A few weeks ago we featured the rather intense video for the title track, and the electro-fied U.K.-inspired “Take It Away.” Now, we’re pleased to present an exclusive stream of one of our favorite tracks on the album, a wicked one-drop combination with Beres Hammond called “Way to Go.” Beres and Cutty have done tunes together in the past, and they’ve always been tight—and “Way to Go” is no exception, with deejay and singer in top form, really and truly.

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