LargeUp Premiere: Watch Kiprich’s “Dash Pon Dem” Video

Words by LargeUp Crew

Dasp Pon Dem Kiprich

Kiprich, the baby-faced dancehall veteran, is current with a brand-new tune produced by Brooklyn’s Mr. Barnacle. Lyrically, “Dash Pon Dem” is telling all gyalis and contenders that no girl Kiprich is with would ever look in their direction, as he is taking care of all their needs.

The video features installation art from Jason “Gazoo” Allen and dancing from Soraya and the Banji Twerk Team for good measure. As a Dapper Don, tuxedo-ed out in a casino, then driving through the streets of Manhattan, he sings: “Gyal ah seh dem nuh waan no mean man, gyal waan shoulder fi lean on…”

Make sure you take care of your priorities on the homefront seems to be the message. Like most things Kiprich, it is laced with irony and humor. No Shakespearean prose here: Kippo simply keeps it light, undoubtedly one on the reasons it is so easy to listen to his music.

The song serves as a reminder that Kiprich is a timeless artist, who has maintained an uncanny ability to adapt to trends in dancehall. That the understated but hardcore dancehall production is a departure from earlier Kiprich songs like ‘The Letter’ and ‘Telephone Ting,’ only proves the point: The man stays relevant and looks the part — ready for his spot in the lights again. Press play on the new video below, and see it for yourself.


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