Grog To Go: Dark ‘n Stormy In A Can!

Words by Jesse Serwer—

If you’re anything like us, you’ve already spent more than a few nights this summer throwing back glasses of our favorite (really—we had it at No. 1 on our Toppa Top 10 summer coolers and cocktails) summer drink, the dark and stormy. We’ve definitely noticed a general upswing in consumption of the Bermuda-born, rum-and-ginger-beer combo, and the people at Gosling’s, makers of the dark and stormy’s preferred rum Black Seal (legally, it’s only a dark and stormy if it’s made with Gosling’s), have stepped their game up accordingly.

Gosling’s now has its own Stormy ginger beer (available in 12 oz. cans, and 1-liter bottles, in regular and diet), developed specifically “to be the ideal partner to Black Seal Rum and make the most harmonious Dark ‘n Stormy you’ll ever drink.” To that they’ve just added a ready-to-drink Dark n’ Stormy, in 8.4-ounce cans made with Black Seal rum and ginger beer, with 9% alcohol content. The canned cooler has been introduced in Bermuda and about 16 US states—though we’re still waiting for it to reach our liquor store. (Believe us, we’d have noticed).

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