LargeUp Premiere: Royal Blu x Runkus “Skin Toned” Music Video

February 2, 2018

Words by LargeUp Crew

Out of a slew of talented young artists on the scene in Kingston right now, Runkus and Royal Blu are two that we’ve been keeping tabs on. We’re always gonna put you on to who’s next, so we’re excited to share this premiere with you. The song is a combination tune in a literal sense, as both Runkus and Royal Blu had the idea for a song entitled “Skin Toned.” They ended up somehow combining the two versions to make the record.

Since its release a year ago, “Skin Toned” has been getting strong reactions, speaking to people loudly and sincerely. This video, directed by Tim Foresta and Thandi Sebe, was brought about by popular demand as the song continued getting strong feedback from friends and fans. The use of washing machines as a visual backdrop is supposed to represent the washing of minds. We’ll leave the rest of it open for your own interpretation. So with no further… you know. Run it…