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December 21, 2017

7. Mista Savona, Havana Meets Kingston

Havana Meets Kingston is billed as the first full-length album to unite the sounds of Cuba and Jamaica. Australian producer Mista Savona assembled a cast of artists and musicians from both islands for this project, which consists of original material and covers of classics. The main recording sessions for the album took place during 10 days in June 2015 at EGREM Studio in Havana, withย  Sly and Robbie and Bongo Herman among the seven Jamaicans present. Savona then made several trips to Jamaica, Cuba and the UK to complete recording. Reggae listeners will appreciate โ€œCarnival,โ€ one of two tracks featuring Cuban singer Solis and UK-based Jamaican vocalist Randy Valentine; โ€œ100 Pounds Of Collieโ€ featuring Cornell Campbell, Prince Alla, The Jewels, Leroy Sibbles, Cali P, Lutan Fyah and Exile Di Brave; and โ€œEl Cuarto De Tula” from Maikel Ante, El Medico and Turbulence. Much of Havana Meets Kingston features vocals sung in Spanish, however no knowledge of Spanish is required in order to appreciate and enjoy this unique album. โ€”ย Gibbo