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1. Chronixx, “Likes”

Photo by Varun Baker

Reggae’s top young artist showed his versatility with “Likes,” letting us know that he can bring the dancehall flavor as well. And Chronixx did it effortlessly, offering a conscious twist to the genre with a message about social media hype and modern fame that resonated across the generations. Moreso, “Likes” was about showing love for the culture, ending with an homage to dancehall icons like King Jammy’s, Lady Saw and Dave Kelly. In true dancehall fashion, “Likes” even adopted its own official dance, Fling Yuh Shoulda (which was created by Kool Ravers and popularized by Ding Dong, in his song by the same name). After he was seen dropping moves in the song’s original video and shoulder flinging on stage during the Chronology tour with percussionist Hector “Roots” Lewis, Chronixx dropped an official dance video for “Likes,” with the Ravers Clavers crew demonstrating the Fling Yuh Shoulda and other popular steps. Fittingly. given its content, “Likes” also went viral on social media. Its message captivated high schoolers across the Caribbean, who remixed it and made it their own, like these students of Jamaica College during their high school graduation. A massive 2017 ends with a bang for Chronixx, with a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album, and the top spot on our countdown.  — Kadene Pitter