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December 20, 2017

9. Ding Dong, โ€œFling Yuh Shouldaโ€

Photo by Martei Korley

2017 was undoubtedly a hot year for Ding Dong and his Ravers Clavers crew, as they continued their mission to bring dancing back into the forefront of dancehall. When traversing the streets of Kingston, one could always hear a song of his on the airwaves. Fueled by the popularity of its namesake dance, “Fling Yuh Shoulda” was particularly popular among the youngsters, and blew up social media with a slew of viral videos. Even Prime Minister Andrew Holness got in on the action. The Fling Yuh Shoulda dance also made its way onto Chronixx’s Chronology Tour, as he stopped to buss the move when performing โ€œLikesโ€ and issued an official dance video featuring Ravers Clavers. Honorable mention goes to Ding Dong for “Dweet” (more commonly known as “Genna Bounce”) off the Genna Bounce riddim, which has spawned its own share of viral videos, and the newly released, Afrobeats-inspired โ€œLebeh Lebeh.โ€ โ€” Kadene Pitter