LargeUp Premiere: Watch K’Reema’s “Drop It” Video

June 23, 2017

The daughter of the original dancehall king Yellowman, K’Reema Foster was working as an EMT in New York City when she finally gave in to the music bug instilled in her at a young age by her legendary father. After a few years worth of live performances and a handful of singles including the Taxi riddim reviving “Sorry You’re Not Sorry,” she’s getting set to drop a debut EP called, appropriately enough, Drop It, next Friday, June 30th. Ahead of the EP’s release, she’s sharing visuals for the lead single, a breezy dancers’ tune also called “Drop It.” In the clip, K’Reeema’s joined by an international cast of dancers in a set of day-glo, ’80s-esque visuals loosely resembling Olivia Newton John’s immortal “Let’s Get Physical” video.

Speaking of getting physical, you may need to hit the gym if you want to replicate some of these moves K’reema and her dancers demonstrate in this clip. And we’ve got just the person to guide you through your exercises…yes, King Yellowman himself. Watch “Drop It” below, and then watch “The Yellowman Workout Plan” on LargeUp TV.