Toppa Top 12: Twelve Caribbean Albums We Loved in 2016

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December 21, 2016

1. Agent Sasco, Theory of Reggaetivity (Sound Age Ent.)

2016 has been the worst year of my life. I started it in hospital, fighting for my life. The doctors said that I wouldnโ€™t make it. I literally went to the grave and then turned back. Sometime in mid-February, I started coming back to life (although still in hospital), when a bredrin sent me the link to Agent Sascoโ€™s Theory Of Reggaetivity. The first songs I played were โ€œHealth & Wealthโ€ and โ€œStronger.โ€ Before listening to the rest of the album, I played these songs on repeat for some hours. Then I listened to the album on repeat for an entire week. In my opinion, this album is the best reggae album of the year and probably one of the best of the last couple years. Of course, Theory Of Reggaetivity means a lot to me because I listened to it when I was going through a rough time. But thatโ€™s not the only reason for why I rate this masterpiece. The whole package is a piece of art; Sasco being the lyrical genius that he is, the message he delivers, the productions and the comparisons to physics. This is one of those albums that should have been nominated for a Grammy. โ€”ย DJ Shirkhan