Toppa Top ’16: 16 Caribbean-Inspired Pop Songs That Were Everywhere in 2016

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December 19, 2016

7. Beyonce, โ€œHold Upโ€


Bey is no stranger to toying with Caribbean sounds in her music, and the Diplo-produced โ€œHold Upโ€ from her Lemonade visual album was one of her strongest showings in this area to date. Between the songโ€™s powerful steel drums, air horns and the starโ€™s impassioned โ€œMi sing seh!,โ€ weโ€™re left with an amazing track that ended up mixing perfectly into Sister Nancyโ€™s โ€œBam Bamโ€ in live performances. And we have to large up another Jamerican, Melo-X (out of the Electric Punanny crew), for his contributions to the track, and Lemonade in general.