Toppa Top ’16: 16 Caribbean-Inspired Pop Songs That Were Everywhere in 2016

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December 19, 2016

6. Fifth Harmony feat. Fetty Wap, “All In My Head (Flex)”


What’s a pop list without a girl group appearance? The X Factor-spawned quintet’s Fetty Wap-assisted summertime single was a sexy ode to Mad Cobra’s “Flex” (sorta). The hook’s arrangement heavily pulled from the classic 1992 dancehall single, while acoustic chords and chops met synths and snaps on the song’s production. Fifth Harmony get props for returning to dancehall again on their album 7/27, where they covered Vybz Kartel’s “Gonna Get Better.” And while we’re at it, their mega-hit “Work From Home” had a dancehall swing to it, and was played heavily in fetes and dances this summer.