Toppa Top 10: Ten Caribbean Menswear Designers To Know Right Now

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October 10, 2016

Rebels To Dons (Trinidad & Tobago/USA)


Rebels To Dons label head, Joshua C. Joseph, perfectly balances the aesthetic of a young rebel with one of a more mature man. His designs incorporate clean lines but also have a Western, or perhaps even rock and roll, feel as many designs incorporate patchwork, ripped denim and embroidery-like stitching. Josephโ€™s brand is also known for their popular millinery, which includes hand-crafted fedoras and leather crowns. Rebels To Dons, though a young label, has been featured in Harperโ€™s Bazaar and Complex, while Joseph has designed custom pieces for Theophilus London, Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire and Tyler the Creator. Itโ€™s safe to say these designs will be on more tastemakersโ€™ radar very soon. (And you can find a few Rebels to Dons creations in the LargeUp store).