Toppa Top 10: Ten Caribbean Menswear Designers To Know Right Now

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October 10, 2016

Bianca Saunders (London/Caribbean/ Jamaica)


Bianca Saunders, a British designer of Jamaican heritage, is inspired by her third-generation West Indian-British identity and experiences. These influences are plainly seen in her aesthetic, as materials resembling grannyโ€™s white doily and curtains straight from a traditional Caribbean household can be seen in her knitwear and outwear. These distinctively West Indian elements, paired with classic British style, set her brand far apart. Saunders also delves into film and video, which further solidifies her identity and explains her designs. Having already established a signature style at a young age, Saunders is sure to see more success as she wraps up her Masters in menswear design at the renowned Royal College of Art.