Let System32 + Mical Teja’s “Night Away” Video Take You to Trinidad

August 17, 2016

Words by Dana Shayegan
System-32-Night Away-Artwork

Trinidad and Tobago have long been a hotbed of creativity and collaboration, with heavy musical roots spanning from traditional calypso, kaiso, and soca to reggae and dancehall. In the last few years, a new generation of producers, artists, and DJs has emerged, influenced not only by the music of their homeland, but also by popular music from around the globe.ย Amongst those leading the charge is System32, the trio of producers behind the 2016 post-Carnival, Caribbean Dance Music tune โ€œOne Life To Live (OLTL)โ€ featuring Groovy Soca Monarch winner Olatunji โ€” a song currently featured on Large Upโ€™s โ€œNOW THINGSโ€ playlist on Apple Music.

Weโ€™re pleased to premiere the video for their new single โ€œNight Awayโ€ featuring System32โ€™s very own Mical Teja on the vocals. Shot on location across Trinidad, the hybrid lyric/music video features Teja on the beautiful beach of Las Cuevas, in his Diego Martin studio, and throughout Port of Spain, with aerial views of local monuments like the National Association for the Performing Arts, and the city’s legendary cricket stadium, the Queenโ€™s Park Oval. Between the gorgeous island shots, and the infectious vibe of this track combining hip-hop, tropical house and pop, youโ€™ll be wanting to hop on a flight to TNT to spend the Night Away.