LargeUp Premiere: Omari Banks feat. Duane Stephenson – “System Set”

May 10, 2016

Words by Jesse Serwer

Fresh off a performance at Anguilla’s annual Moonsplash concert last week, Anguillan cricketer-turned-singer and songwriter Omari Banks returns with “System Set,” a new single featuring charged up political commentary and a cameo from Jamaica’s Duane Stephenson. Blending reggae riddims with an almost Santana-like rock guitar lead, Banks challenges the listener to think long and hard on their position within theย “the system,” illuminating the Caribbean’s precarious place in the world economy.

“IMF, you’re either in it or dem squash you like a pumpkin,” Banks sings. “We understand that this has always been bad business. But the only thing we selling is blue water and we beaches. What a situation we are now confronting.”

“System Set,” from an upcoming LP Banks will be releasing later this year, sees Banks, known for more personal material like “Unafraid” and “More Than Friends” taking a more provocative lyrical stance. It was recorded in Jamaica at Tuff Gong Studios, with musicians form Morgan Heritage and producer Andre Keys.

“As a lover of history and am enthusiast of world matters, I’ve always found it interesting to listen to people’s views on topics which have shaped the world we live in,” Banks says. “‘System Set’ is a song which encourages the listener to dig within their beliefs, present documented facts and ask questions, which I find critical to the existence of all people living in unity.”

Listen to what the man said, and run tuneย  right here: