An Uncommon Guide to Uncommon White Rums

April 15, 2016

Words and Photos by Steve Bennett/Uncommon Caribbean

It’s a big weekend for rum. Today through Sunday, enthusiasts from around the world will converge on Miami for the annual Miami Rum Renaissance Festival. To get into the spirit (in more ways than one!), we reached out to our good friend and rum enthusiast Steve Bennett of Uncommon Caribbean for an uncommon look at that most under-appreciated category of rums: whites. As these sippable, small-batch varieties attest, “whites” aren’t just for old men and mixing anymore.

Once relegated strictly to mixing, white rums have acquired an added sophistication in recent years, a few ascending to sipping status. Small-batch artisanal whites have led the charge in this area, with some hailing from some rather uncommon areas for rum production…

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