Visual Culture: Ten Traditional Mas Characters You’ll Find At Trinidad Carnival

February 8, 2016


From Fancy to King to Drunken, Sailor Mas is alive and well in Trinidad. It is said by some that Michael Jackson’s moonwalk was developed after he witnessed the sailor masquerade of the island. This mas comes directly from the days of Yankee sailors occupying the ports of Trinidad (the days of “Rum and Coca-Cola” and “Jean and Dinah”) and continues to be learned and referenced in soca, calypso and cultural competitions around the island.

Tip: Massy All Stars Steelband has the biggest traditional sailor band and even won Band of The Year in 2014. Check them out on upper Charlotte Street in Port of Spain. For Fancy sailor mas, head to Belmont and sign up with BOS, the oldest fancy sailor band in the area.