Visual Culture: Ten Traditional Mas Characters You’ll Find At Trinidad Carnival

February 8, 2016


In Grenada, they say they play a wicked jab. In Trinidad, the devils rule. Originally, players of this mas had only the molasses from the sugar cane to coat themselves in. Nowadays, red and blue paint is also used, with the blue being the most popular. Children and adults fear these characters and, if you ever experience a blue devil band on the streets of Port of Spain, you would be hard pressed to blame them. Beating out rhythms on a biscuit tin, these masqueraders advance with pitchfork in hand and what looks like clotted blood oozing from their mouths. Others breath fire and emit sharp screams with arms outstretched for cash. Pay the devil or else!

Tip: Blue Devil Mas should not be missed. Carnival Monday night, head up to the hills of Paramin for a country style road party and devil parade.