Toppa Top 10: Ten Trini Street Foods to Eat at Trinidad Carnival

February 4, 2016

5. Homemade Ice Cream

trinidad-ice-creamBefore Cookies n’ Cream, Rocky Road, fancy parlors and trucks, there were little old ladies pushing wheelbarrows through villages, setting up on corners and selling homemade ice cream in a variety of flavors that would take even those Trinis living in the coldest states down memory lane. From coconut to soursop to rum n raisin and Guinness, cooling down with a scoop of homemade ice cream should be on your Carnival to-do list.

Tip: The far-flung regions of the islands still retain the best authentic flavors. If you’re on the island with enough time make a road trip, Naomi’s Homemade Ice Cream in Toco (Anse Noir to be exact) should be on your list.