Toppa Top ’15: Fifteen Ways The Caribbean Impacted Pop Culture In 2015

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December 28, 2015

13. Popcaan Was On Everybody’s Summer Playlist

Since rocking โ€œClarksโ€ five years ago with Vybz Kartel, Popcaan has become one of dancehall’s biggest stars internationally. His increased exposure of late is at least partly a result of his interacting with mainstream artists from Europe and North America, specifically his good friend Drake. Popcaan shows up several times on the Toronto rapper’s If Youโ€™re Reading This Itโ€™s Too Late, one of the year’s most successful hip-hop releases, lending his intro from Where We Come From‘s โ€œGhetto (Tired of Crying)โ€ to IYRTITL‘s โ€œKnow Yourself,โ€ while โ€œNo Tellinโ€ pulls from the Unruly Boss’ dialogue in 6 in the 876, a mini-doc shot by members of Drake’s crew during a visit to Jamaica. Meanwhile, a variety of Caribbean elements were present on British producer Jamie XX’s 2015 release In Colour, from the steel pan pulse of โ€œObvsโ€ to the brightly blended summer hit โ€œI Know (Thereโ€™s Gonna Be Good Times).โ€ Poppy brought a strong island vibe to the latter, pairing his melodious vocals with Young Thugโ€™s idiosyncratic rap style on the popular summer anthem. This year, the Jamaican dancehall star proved to be three things: eminent, versatile and always Tr888. โ€” Ola Mazzuca