Toppa Top 10: Drake’s Most Dancehall Moments

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November 19, 2015

2. Drake Features Popcaan on If Youโ€™re Reading This Itโ€™s Too Late (2015)

Drake and Popcaan have been mutual fans of each other since Poppy’s Yiy Change mixtape, and have since supported each other’s projects: Drake tweeted lyrics from Popcaan’s opus “Only Man She Want,” and OVO Niko from Drake’s crew directed Poppy’s โ€œUnruly Raveโ€ video and the web doc 6 in The 876, in which the OVO and Unruly crews roll together through JA. Dialogue from that video appears all over 2015โ€™s mixtape release If Youโ€™re Reading This Itโ€™s Too Late. Though he doesnโ€™t add any original lyrics to the project, Popcaan can be heard on “Know Yourself,โ€ reciting his intro from “Ghetto (Tired of Crying),โ€ as well as speaking on โ€œNo Tellinโ€ and โ€œStar 67.โ€ ย Elsewhere, Drake has been using slang like โ€œunruly,โ€ โ€œway upโ€ and โ€œnuh shakeโ€ coined by Popcaan’s crew. You may have also heard him pronouncing himself โ€œWay Upโ€ on Big Seanโ€™s hit single, โ€œBlessings,โ€ ushering the term into American vernacular.

The Unruly Bossโ€™ influence on the IYRTITL project was enough to warrant an entire article in Complex, with Popcaan stating: “Big up Drizzy Drake anywhere him deh, ’cause them man say OVO unruly, so it’s a good feeling.” โ€” Richard “Treats” Dryden