Badmind Prayer: Listen to I-Octane Cover Adele’s “Hello”

Words by DJ Arems


Adele’s hit single “Hello” has been topping the charts worldwide and the release of her new album 25 has broken a US sales record, selling more than 3 million copies in just one week. The dark and sauntering original was begging for a reggae refix right away, and while there have already been a few female reggae artists who have covered “Hello” in the lovers rock lane, it now sees another side courtesy of I-Octane.

Rather than another sad love song, Octane takes the silent badman approach calling out all dutty hearts and jealousy in his world, assisted by a spot-on production from Seanizzle. From the first line you hear Octane beckon “Hello…badmind it’s me,” you can expect multiple pull ups and many a future gun shot inna di air.

Stream “Can’t Hold Me Down” below: