Toppa Top 10: Drake’s Most Dancehall Moments

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November 19, 2015

6. Drake challenges Lil Wayne to a sound clash (2011/2014)

In a 2011 interview with Billboard, Drake announced his intent to challenge his mentor Lil Wayne to a sound clash, in a monumental nod to Jamaicaโ€™s musical culture. โ€œMe, I go to Jamaica a lot โ€” I love Jamaican culture โ€” so what Iโ€™m gonna do, Iโ€™m challenging Lil Wayne to a sound clash,โ€ Drake said at the time. โ€œI want Wayne to come out on stage with a mic and Iโ€™m gonna have a mic, and weโ€™re gonna have both our DJs, and weโ€™re gonna battle song-for-song and see who the people love more. And thatโ€™s how itโ€™s gonna go.โ€ Three years later, the โ€œclashโ€ came to fruition, in a sense, on the โ€œDrake vs. Lil Wayneโ€ tour of 2014.

It didn’t entirely follow the blueprint of a Jamaican soundclash โ€” in which DJ crews go head to head in a war of song selections, words and exclusive dubplatesโ€” but the tour saw the artists performing their hit songs in a similar back-and-forth battle style, with one artist emerging on top each night based on fan response. The Capcom-sponsored tour was modeled after a classic Street Fighter video game, from the big screen behind the artists, to the promotion, which included an app for concertgoers to vote for who starts each show.ย โ€” Nadine White and Richard “Treats” Dryden