You Rate It: Watch J. Nation’s “Kings” Video Featuring Jah Cure

October 27, 2015

Words by Jesse Serwer


The action in “Kings,” the latest video from J. Nation, takes place not on the singer/producer’s home island of Antigua but in aย  Shrek-meets-8-bit-Nintendo animated universe ruled by a green monarch with the voice of Jah Cure. It’s not the first time Nation and director/animator Kenny Frankland have journeyed to this world together: “Kings” continues a saga begun in their “Blasting Away” video a few years back, reviving the characters from that clip (a troll called Jus, a faun named Drastic, and Logiq, a cheeky goblin) with the addition of Cure as “The King.”

“The video itself is a story of sacrifice,” Nation tells LargeUp. “People’s response from the first one was so great, I felt it was only right to continue the story. Creative wise [the concept] can go anywhere. Maybe in the future it can be turned into a franchise of some sort. Not to mention it being cool to have a new character introduced with Jah Cure.”

Tell us what you think of “Kings” below, and get J. Nation’s newly-released self-titled album here.