Listen to Mighty Crown’s “Modern Day Clash Anthems” Playlist on Apple Music

November 14, 2016


Few have studied and mastered the art of the sound clash more closely than the “Far East Rulaz” of Mighty Crown. Originally founded in Yokohama, Japan by brothers Masta Simon and Sami T, Mighty Crown relocated to Brooklyn in the 1990s, immersing themselves in the local sound-system culture that produced clashing titans like King Addies and LP International. This period culminated in a surprise win at 1999’s World Clash competition, in which Mighty Crown became the first sound system without Jamaican roots to win a major sound clash. This and other feats would not only cement Mighty Crown’s place in international reggae and sound-system culture, but also play a pivotal role in growing that culture in their native Japan.

Although they have shifted some of their focus in recent years towards other ventures like their own original music and their Nine Rulaz clothing line, Mighty Crown are still always ready fi war with a dub box that’s the envy of soundbwoys worldwide. This Thursday night, the Far East Rulaz will participate in the second-annual Sound Clash at Sea, going up against Tony Matterhorn, Fire Links and King Turbo in a four-way battle aboard the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise. The appearance comes as Mighty Crown celebrate their 25th anniversary this year.

With this in mind, we asked the crew โ€”ย which in addition to Sami T and Masta Simon also includes Ninja and Coji โ€” to curate a set of selections featuring the latest wave of war tunes and must-haves in the sound clash arena. These recent songs from the likes of Aidonia, Mavado, Alkaline, Masicka and others have become a part of the clashing canon.

โ€œThese are some of the modern day dubs every sound man must have in their box to start a war,โ€ says Ninja. โ€œThese dubs bring a vibe, an element of surprise as well as the ready fi war talk. For Mighty Crown, many of the song selections are even more powerful when we customize the dub (re-write the song). With the MC and selector’s creativity, these songs areย deadly selections.โ€

Preview Mighty Crown’s Modern Sound Clash Essentials below, and hear the full playlist on LargeUp’s Apple Music channel.