LargeUp Premiere: Watch Romain Virgo + Assassin’s “Fade Away” Video

Words by Nadine White


Romain Virgo and Assassin have linked up for an extra-large collaboration in ‘Fade Away.’ The track has a different vibe to the soulful Lover’s Rock and Rub-A-Dub material Virgo is known for, serving as a testament to the young singer’s malleability and ever-expanding scope. With Sasco’s rugged rhymes in the mix, you have yourself a well put together, catchy tune.

This is allegorical music; much like the Junior Byles classic which shares the same name, ‘Fade Away’ counsels listeners about placing trust in the wrong people. Most appropriately, the video was shot in the streets of Kingston, offering snapshots of various scenarios which share themes of mutiny and betrayal, which most people can relate to at some point or other.

‘Fade Away’ is featured on Virgo’s upcoming VP Records EP, Lifted, available worldwide Oct. 30.