#SpaceSoca: Stream Bunji Garlin’s “Take Over Town”

October 15, 2015

Words by Jesse Serwer

It’s cool when you hear a song and within minutes can decide for yourself that you will never get tired of this song. That’s pretty much the conclusion we came to after running Bunji Garlin’s “Take Over Town” 10 times straight after it leaked last night. That next tune kept starting up on Soundcloud. but we juuuuust kept running it back (sorry, Skinny Fabulous).

Ostensibly a contribution to the growing cavalcade of “2016 Soca” for next year’s Trinidad Carnival, the percussive anthem sits in an invigorating yet soothing sweet spot between groovy soca, Afrobeats and tribal house, all of these yet none of these at the same time. Apropos of its cover, which depicts Bunji in a spacesuit, let’s just call it #SpaceSoca.

Stream “Take Over Town” below: