AUDIO: Suns of Dub – “Unconditional Love”

September 19, 2015

Words by Midnight Raver

With their new single โ€œUnconditional Love,โ€ Suns of Dub fully embrace the spirit of Augustus Pablo while crafting a sound of their own and forging a new path forward for Rockers International.

The only vocal track from the forthcoming Far East LP features Suns’ Jah Bami singing over a melodica-laden heavy roots riddim arranged by Ras Jammy. Bamiโ€™s vocal is emotional and expressive as he oscillates between classic, soulful singing and melodic chanting. The track begins with a multi-layered instrumental arrangement which evolves into a minimalist dub track. It is euphonic and beautiful,ย  orchestrated masterfully by TriniYard.

The Far East LP features 12 tracksโ€” five instrumentals and one vocal track on the A-side, followed by six dub versions on the B-side. It is an exceptional album that is more closely aligned with the classic Jamaican rockers sound than Addis Pabloโ€™s 2014 debut In My Fatherโ€™s House, The album is strictly dub roots from start to finish, which may come as a surprise to those who enjoyed their recent dancehall/EDM mixtape with Mighty Crown, but a pleasant one.