AUDIO: Suns of Dub – “Unconditional Love”

Words by Midnight Raver

With their new single “Unconditional Love,” Suns of Dub fully embrace the spirit of Augustus Pablo while crafting a sound of their own and forging a new path forward for Rockers International.

The only vocal track from the forthcoming Far East LP features Suns’ Jah Bami singing over a melodica-laden heavy roots riddim arranged by Ras Jammy. Bami’s vocal is emotional and expressive as he oscillates between classic, soulful singing and melodic chanting. The track begins with a multi-layered instrumental arrangement which evolves into a minimalist dub track. It is euphonic and beautiful,  orchestrated masterfully by TriniYard.

The Far East LP features 12 tracks— five instrumentals and one vocal track on the A-side, followed by six dub versions on the B-side. It is an exceptional album that is more closely aligned with the classic Jamaican rockers sound than Addis Pablo’s 2014 debut In My Father’s House, The album is strictly dub roots from start to finish, which may come as a surprise to those who enjoyed their recent dancehall/EDM mixtape with Mighty Crown, but a pleasant one.