Carnival Checklist: Antigua Carnival, 101

July 24, 2015

Fetes + More: Tuesday, July 27-Wednesday, July 30
Photo: Alex Rhodes

Escape is a new addition to the Antigua festival scene. Although the fete is young in relation to many of the other carnival activities, it is definitely arriving into the arena full of weight in terms of entertainment value. The night begins at 9pm within Carnival City and five free drinks are included in the price of your ticket purchase (available in both regular admission or VIP, which comes at a slight marginal extra cost). Live performances on the night will be from artistes Beenie Man, Dexta Daps, Destra Garcia, Ricardo Drue, MnM Music and Zan, with music provided by DJ Merchy and DJ Flex.

Another newbie to the Antigua Carnival Zone is Face Off, a showcase of regional and local jam bands. The music will be loud and pumping with artists showing the creativity, energy, versatility and talent of their bands. More often than not, the actual bands do not receive the accolades, but the vocal artistes do as they are the ones that we see when they take centre stage. Well this is a night specifically to exhibit the talent of each band and the opportunity for them to “show off” and face off. However, this particular show is not a competition, just some revelry in the name of good music, fun and carnival spirit.