Carnival Checklist: Antigua Carnival, 101

July 24, 2015

Carnival Starts: Saturday, July 25
Photo: Alex Rhodes

The day that everybody has been counting down towards and waiting for, T-Shirt Mas marks the official start to a 10-day festival that will require stamina, a supple waist, comfortable footwear and an open mind. Several mas troupes will be donning their branded t-shirts and setting out with their truck on the road, playing the latest soca music, lubricating their palates with food and drink, and what we like to call “winking”—wining up. The procession begins in the afternoon, takes several laps around the city of St. John’s, and comes to a close late in the evening in the heart of town where all revelers gather, and close the night with more dancing. The fun does not stop!