Carnival Checklist: Vincy Mas, 101

June 19, 2015


Photo: Steve Bennett/SBPR

(Every day from 5:00PM โ€“ Until)

The Road is always alive in the capital during Carnival. Kingstown city can, on a whole, be compared to the legendary โ€˜Avenueโ€™ in Trinidad. Heritage Square is a place to make friends, meet friends, and to have your favourite drink in public, all to the soundscape of numerous sound systems and DJs. It is not all liquid on the streets. If you’re hungry, food is available from local vendors and restaurants surrounding the festivities.

Street bars dominate blocks of curb real estate in Kingstown, offering diversity and options to nightlife wanderers looking for their own personal โ€˜scene.โ€™ Fridays in St. Vincent are always exciting. If youโ€™re interested in a pub crawl or club crawl, you can go to popular night spots like Barcode, Tree House Bar, Aqua, and Huffles Ranch, to mention a few.

The most popular night spot on a Friday night, Huffles Ranch is basically a big bar turned club located not too far from town. Huffles Ranch began as a local spot where individuals from the community would go to get their daily fill of alcohol and gossip, but over time it has evolved into a Friday night party scene where people of all different ages and wages convene under the hypnotic stylings of local DJs. The vibe is open and unassuming, and somehow seems to always be exactly what you needed.