Carnival Checklist: Vincy Mas, 101

June 19, 2015


Photo: Rico DeShong/VIP Pix

St. Vincent has some very unique, โ€˜do not missโ€™ fetes that have evolved and withstood the test of time and public scrutiny.ย Competition is high, as promoters try to outdo one another by designing unique events. We recommend you attend as many as you can afford to (they typically run anywhere from $10-$100).

NEON RAVE (June 12)

This event has evolved from its previous incarnation as Black Rave, hosted by local soca star Skinny Fabulous. It was renamed Neon Rave for 2015, to add a bit of color and a different life. This event features the best soca stars both locally and from around the region, with a lineup that this year included included Machel Montano, Olatunji and Angela Hunte (Unfortunately), this one has already passed. The dress code, previously black (obviously), will now be neon.


In a period dominated by adult offerings, Uncle Skinny Kids Carnival brings a refreshing change. Victoria Park is transformed into a wonderland of bouncing castles, water slides, face painting and little booths and displays, culminating with a big concert that usually features the likes of โ€˜Elmoโ€™ and โ€˜Dora the Explorer,โ€™ and many young talented kids as well as local artistes.

H20 (June 27)

The mother of all wet fetes, H2O is definitely a โ€œmust attendโ€ event for Vincy Mas, and one of the best attended events of the season. The dress code is usually swim wear and shower caps and though some show up comically adorned with beach balls, snorkeling and diving gear, the patrons of H2O do NOT play. When the party is finally over, long after the sun comes up, the ground is littered with wigs, bits of swim wear, broken sunglasses, tattered shoes, ruined phones and sometimes a sleeping fetter (or two, or five). The show features performances from an explosive cast of the best local and regional soca acts.


Dirty Sexy Soca. Photo: Rico DeShong/VIP Pix


One of the cheapest fetes of the season, Dirty Sexy Soca costs only $20 and patrons receive free shots aaalllll night! The show features some of the best DJs in SVG, local and international acts.

BUN WUK (July 1 and 8)

Bun Wuk is usually held in the middle of the week, just before and after the culmination of Vincy Mas. Itโ€™s a fete that encourages its patrons to leave (bun) work in favour of rum, fun, good music and a good time.


Imagine being served with premium liquor and gourmet food while turning up to the vibes of a sick DJ as you sail languidly on the seas into the Grenadines. Xclusivity is an all-inclusive party boat ride, usually to the Tobago Cays Marine Park.

Known as the sexiest all-inclusive beach fete, Slippery When Wet is usually hosted on a private beach on the leeward coast of the island. It begins as an afternoon lime and gradually turns up full blast, as the skies fade to black, with performances from a few local artistes. The guys cool down their dress code with Bermuda shorts and snazzy tops while the women burn it up in the hottest bikinis and tantalizing cover ups.