Meditations, Part 3: Suns of Dub Hold a Vibes with Ras Michael + Friends

December 18, 2013

Words by Tony Lowe
Video by Tony Lowe and Taliesin Gilkes-Bower


The third and final video in our “Meditations” series, a trilogy of mini-docs revolving around the everyday spiritual life of Jamaica’s young musicians, depicts moments over the course of a day at the Kingston home of the Hendrix of roots reggae, guitarist Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith. His home, better known locally as Inna Di Yard, is a studio, rehearsal space, meeting ground and all-around musical oasis, world renowned for hosting relaxed jam sessions.

On this particular evening, after meeting up with Addis Pablo and Ras Jammy of Suns of Dub, we found Ras Michael, luminary prophet of psychedelic Nyabinghi group the Sons of Negus, leading an extended acoustic session with elders such as Kiddus I,ย  as well as Addis Pablo and the reggae revival’s leading female voice, Jah-9, among others. Press play, and hold a vibes, and don’t miss Part 1 (with Jesse Royal and Ras Jammy), and Part 2 (with Jesse and Addis Pablo).

Watch Part 1:

Watch Part 2: